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    made in usa micro fleecemade in usa micro fleecemade in usa micro fleece

    What does Anti-Pill Fleece feel like?

    Anti-Pill or Non Anti-Pill? What are the differences that a consumer should know?
    • Anti-pill fleece doesn’t “ball up” or “pill” after several washes.
    • Anti-pill fleece has a smoother surface, at least on one side of the fabric.
    • Anti-pill tends to be made of a higher quality fabric. It usually has a heavier gram weight, so it feels denser.
    • Anti-pill fleece typically costs more.
    • If there's a design on the fabric, it will look clearer and less fuzzy on Anti-pill fleece.

    How is Anti-Pill Fleece Made?

    Manufacturing Process: PURGING THE PILL
    No-pill fleece is processed in a way that reduces the number of pills that form by a lot. The fibers may be twisted together more tightly or packed closer together, and they're usually shorn much shorter than the fibers of regular fleece.